Betting and “tipsters”

As a keen sports follower, I got enticed into gambling a while ago. I’ve won big and lost big. Fairly evens overall with sparse bets. 

Then I found twitter and the umpteen amounts of so called tipsters. I followed a couple and noticed they were winning quite a lot. So I started following their tips. 

No and again I would win with them. It mainly their accumulator bets would miss out by the odd game. 

Then I saw they do “challenges” which consist of turning say, £10 to £100 in several bets. 

By the time the challenge is up to almost the finish, you’re staking £80 on something so trivial it’s a lot of risk for little return. I’ve seen £10-£1000 challenges where they are suggesting you stake £800 on over 0.5 fhgs in a game in Korea. That’s just madness in my opinion. 

Basically a lot of these tipsters have affiliations with companies and if they get people to sign up through their link they get X commission on losing bets. Bet365 is the main one here. So, it’s really in the tipsters interest to post losing bets. Especially when they have a lot of trusting followers. 

I believe that if you sign up for a bet365 account through one of these links, then your account is forever connected to the tipster. 

Anyway, I’ve had my bet365 account for years so I’m clean 😉

What I’ve learned is just the enormous amount of markets. And I’ve used this to my advantage. 

What you need to decide if you want a slow steady rise in account funds or a one off Big Bang. I would suggest slow and steady with smaller big bangs. 

When my account is looking low I have a small strategy of finding 0-0 football games in the 50-70ish minutes with at least 8 shots on target between them and I bet about 35% of my funds on over 0.5 goals. This is usually a decent way of increasing my pot. 

What I also realised quite quickly is that massive accumulators very rarely come in. So triples are the way forward here. And not silly ones, safe bets. If you’re unsure about a win, use the double chance option. The only really rule is make sure the odds are > 1.25 else it’s hardly worth it. 

Also if you are following an accumulator tip and they are tipping BTTS and you’re unsure, then change it to over 1.5 goals. Simple. 

So betting is fun and it can make you money but don’t put all your hard earned money into somebody else’s hands. Especially someone on the internet you’ve never met.