So you got a nice 64GB USB stick, and can’t format it NTFS but want to transfer huge files on it. You probably formatted it with eXfat (Windows Vista, 7, 8, Mac)

But the ISO you downloaded is on your XP machine, you can compress it and span the 4GB limit set by FAT(32) OR, you can just install eXfat support on Windows XP using the download provided by Microsoft themselves:

And, if Microsoft ever remove it, like they are prone to doing… You can download it from here:

or here:!mFhE3Z6Y



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122 thought on “eXfat drive not working in Windows XP?”
  1. Thanks, dude! As you predicted, MS took it down, and the usual crop of websites peddling viruses as drivers have taken up the cause. This is the only legit copy I was able to find. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    1. Thank you soo much for this article and download! Have been trying to backup photos to G drive on an old XP.
      Basically G drive didnt recognise the flash drive due to file system not being recognised. Installed download onto XP and it now works great! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks for keeping the Windows XP exFAT update here. Now I can use my old XP machine to backup pics from my new camera that uses exFAT. I don’t understand why Microsoft deleted all things XP. I expected them to keep an XP updates archive with a disclaimer of no support. Instead they chose to remove all traces of it! Like it should be purged from the Earth & never talked about again.

  3. Thanks for the download.

    My XP sees my 128gb Lexar JumpDrive but can only format to 1.1GB.

    I am trying to format so I can run Chromium on my 2003 laptop.

    that’s life…

  4. I just woke up in Alaska with no way to access my shiny new 128GB cards on this tiny, ancient travel computer. Fixed before my second cup of coffee! Thank you.

    1. I assume it was a planned trip to Alaska and not “just woke up in Alaska after a heavy night out”

  5. MS is attacking . . . Mega file is gone and file here shows as ‘corrupt’ extracting files. The file I downloaded is 3.24Mb file (3,403,304 bytes in file). I viewed the downloaded file in a hex editor and it looks like a valid exe or archive, with readable MS tags near front & end of file. Is there a standalone Windows Update installer I should be using, or just running the EXE on this? I’m running Win XP Pro SP3

    1. UPDATE: Avast Antivirus was blocking the extraction of the files. I disabled Avast, and everything installed correctly. 64GB SDXC card is now viewable.

      Chris, thanks very much for posting this.

      1. Mega is gone? I didn’t know if they expired. I’ll check later.

        Glad you sorted it. Damn anti-virus eh? Bothersome software…

  6. Chris, you are a scholar and a gentleman! I was searching for hours for this update and just happened to end up here. I downloaded the update and it works like a charm and saved the day! And while I’m at it, a pox on the head of Microsoft. As Dasz noted above, they could have left this lying around with no support, but instead they are going out of their way to punish XP users and force them to upgrade. Screw ’em.

  7. hi,
    the first link’s file is corrupt or so my computer says .win xp sp3. the other link no longer has the file. any help?

  8. hi,
    so sorry. my anti-virus program said it was corrupt. when i paused it the program seems to have installed. thanks

  9. hi,
    it installed but won’t read 64 or 128 gb sd cards. any suggestions? it also doesn’t show that the program is installed when i look in add/remove programs. maybe it didn’t install?

    1. One chap said he used it on a 128GB card with no issues. I do not use Windows so I can’t test it. But it should work fine. Make sure your card isn’t a dodgy “knock off”

      I don’t think it will appear in the “Add/Remove Programs” panel, it’ll be in the other one that I can’t remember the name of, the Windows Components one, or under Microsoft Service Packs or something like that.

  10. hi,
    yes, i do use avast. i bought the cards on e-bay, but they were sanDisk. there are a couple of programs that did change the exFat to fat32 and my computer showed the full 123gb and 63gb and let me write to them. but when i stuck them in my car’s stereo, the music ‘skipped’. . i didn’t go over any bumps, though. someone said the info was getting dropped somehow. 2Tware FAT 32 FORAMT( could’t spell format prroperly, but the program did work) gives you option to go ntfs or fat32, but somehow the info was dropped, then disappeared. thanks for your time. the car has 3 usb ports, so 96gb gets most of my favorite tunes.

    1. Peter, this reply is a few years late but I only came across your post when I was searching for a way to solve my XP machine not reading my exFAT USB sticks.. There are a lot of fake cards out there, particularly sold on eBay and Amazon. The cards are labelled as 128G or 64G, and the computer’s My Computer screen reports them as having such capacities. But it is all a controller (on the card) trick, the controller “tells” your computer that it is a 128G card when it is only like 16G (or even less). Only way to find out is to run a testing utility like h2testw which writes to and reads from the entire card (whole 128G or 64G). The test will tell you what capacity the card actually has.

  11. Even now, micro$oft manages to piss me off every day. Yesterday it was the fact they change every single release of doze so it is different from the last (and generally can’t be made to look similar to old versions either). Fine for the tablet generation, but older folks haven’t a hope.
    Today, I can’t find the exfat driver on the micro$oft site. For Gods sake, are hard disks & servers really that damn expensive?
    It’s a real shame the anti-trust suit all those years ago fell short. Maybe it should be re-instated with the bullying and market manipulation tactics that they are STILL employing.

  12. my sincere thanks. I chose exfat on a large usb drive because of it’s cross platform possibilities (linux devotee). come to an old Win XP machine in 2016 and of course Micro$oft, as you anticipated, have removed the patch because “XP support has ended”. V grateful.

  13. Thanks a lot for the download, but anyway, after avast tricked me, I almost punched my screen after reading this:

    “Setup cannot update your Windows XP files because the language installed on your system is different from the update.”

    1. Sorry about that. I assume you want french? Bit of a crap failure. I’ll take a look and see if I can find a french one for you.

      1. Sorry buddy, I have no recollection where I got the install from. But I would guess direct from Microsoft. Can’t help you I’m afraid.

  14. Hi Admin,
    your direct link “” seemed like a solution to what I searched for – BUT – the installation on non-English-language Windows XP systems stops with an error message: “Setup cannot update your Windows XP files because the language installed on your system is different from the update language.”

    Do you have a turn-around for this problem or a hint where I can find a German language patch?

    Any helpful answer is very much appreciated!

    Regards Werner

    1. I just wanted to add: I searched hundreds of websites for the file “WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-DEU.exe” that I would need but with no positive result. All sites either refer to the broken link on the Microsoft site or contain malware.
      Can you provide the file “WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-DEU.exe”?

      Regards Werner

      1. Hello and thanks for your reply. I have set all region and language settings to English/US, rebooted my notebook, and then tried to install the WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-ENU.exe file but got the same error message as reported. I probably would need to have a full English/US installation and not just changing the setting in order to get this working with the*_ENU.exe file. Currently I see no solution without getting acces to the *_DEU.exe file that I cannot find anywhere. If you still have an idea where to get the German version of that file from, I would very well like to try this. I would need the exfat possibilities on an old but very small and practicable Win XP netbook that I use on travels to save SD + SDXC file contents.

  15. Thanks man! Used the tatedavies linked file and it worked like a treat.
    So annoying MS deleted old updates in the name of security. Yes, there are still people using legacy machines, and not necessarily connected to the internet therefore not vulnerable.

  16. Sir,
    Thank you so much for hosting a copy of that KB. I really hate MS for this attitude. You’re a life-saver. Thanks again.

  17. Thank you!
    I did a big search and found XP x64 and 2003 server still on microsoft’s site a few minutes ago.
    they prolly wont last too long.

  18. Thanks a bunch for the driver. For me it was to access a 64gb San Disk Extreme Pro card for my Tascam portable recorder. It would’ve really sucked to not be able to do the file transfers to my XP machine where I can do the editing
    All the best

  19. Thanks very much! For info, XP still has good life in it offline as a game console.

    For other I’ll mention this download checks good on the antivirus suite at, which you can and should use for peace of mind on older downloads like this. (Fresh files can carry something the checkers don’t know of yet.)

  20. By chance do you have a woirking link for the spanish version?
    I’m getting “KB955704 Setup Error”
    “Setup cannot update your Windows XP files because the language
    installed on your system is different from the update language.”

      1. Thanks for the reply. I’m afraid not because it reads
        “Although you were downloaded the correct language of the security hot fixes for your Windows XP version, But you still can not install the hot fixes.”
        in this case I have the incorrect language…

    1. It looks like it might be the same yes. It’s got the same KB reference on it.

      That’s good to know. It does mention SP3 at the bottom of the page so I think it’ll be fine.

    2. Oh. I just saw you asked if my file works on SP3. Not sure to be honest. But go get the Microsoft one as it appears to

    1. Its awesome that this post is still helping people to this day. Can I ask you, what are you using Windows XP for still? Is it a standalone machine, no internet connection? Some sort of emulation machine?

  21. Thank you for sharing this download. I probably have the file somewhere but the day it’d take to find it … a file on the web saves that trouble.

    Why use xp … apart that I’m on an old clunker, and I don’t play the latest games, I just worked on a Window Teabag system (not mine) … seriously the issues bugs and short comings I can do without.

  22. Hi Admin!
    thanks for your site!
    but an urgent question :
    could one find this driver on a dif. language expel Danish or multi ?
    i use my medion 8800 with XP just to store pics. and Midsomer Murders.
    No nonsens great machine.
    but i use Mac in all other cases and the transfer limitation is extreme annoying
    now i learned of ExFAT. great But XP sees it but don’t want to touch it !!!
    the mentioned driver gives feedback “no support for installed language” – so i’m desperate for a solution

  23. Downloaded, installed, restarted – my external WD drive still doesn’t mount though XP does show it in Device Manager.

    What to try next? sigh…

    drc 🙂

    1. Do you get any errors? Have you checked the event log?

      Can you see it in My Computer? I can’t remember if drives show up before they are mounted in XP…

  24. thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou (infinity) very much! You saved my SDcard and my memories!

  25. Thank you sir for maintaining this download for all these years! Am finally getting around to retiring my 15 year old sony vaio and discovered it didn’t have the right drivers for the big flash drive I was planning on using to transfer all the files. It now works like a champ! Gonna miss this old xp machine, its been solid as a rock. Thanks again!

  26. Thanks for keeping this available. Although most of my machines are now Windows 7 or Windows 10, there are still a couple on XP.

  27. Hi, unfortunately the update didn’t work for me (it installed okay, but the SD card still comes up as unreadable).

    However something else worked, despite it being a long shot. One of the SD cards I bought awhile back came with an SD to USB adapter (it looks like a USB drive but has a slot to insert the SD card; it’s intended for computers that don’t have an SD slot) an it reads the 64 GB exFAT SD card perfectly.

    PS I want to also commend Chris for (a) posting this solution and (b) posting the file in case Microsoft would one day remove it, which they did.

    1. Hi David – the SD Card that didn’t work in the main slot, did that one work in the USB reader? Or was it a different card?

      Glad you approve of the solution. One day Microsoft will come knocking and ask me to remove it!

  28. Cant thank you enough man, im restoring my old win xp gaming machine and wanted to transfer some files .. youre a star!

  29. I still use XP Home because I like it better than later versions of Windows. As the file is not available anywhere else, I’m especially grateful to you for keeping a copy and making it available.

  30. This might sound like a dumb question …
    I’ve downloaded the .exe file onto a flash drive (via my Windows 7 Internet machine) so that I can copy it to the stand-alone XP machine. Do I run the .exe file (i.e. so that it can install the required code in the right place) or do I copy it to somewhere on the XP machine (as code ready to be executed when called)?

    1. Just stick the USB stick into your XP machine, copy the EXE to the desktop and double click it. You could run it straight from the drive, but I find better results from the HDD.

  31. So why do I still use Windows XP?
    Firstly, it is on a stand-alone machine and doesn’t have to deal with the Internet. It is simply my “home” machine for doing my “home” stuff on.
    Very importantly, of all the versions of Windows I have used, it is the one I have the most experience of and it is by far and away the nicest to use. Later versions keep trying to second guess what I want to do or else decide for me what I want to do.
    It’s a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. OK, later versions might be much better behind the scenes but the user interface of the later versions is simply not as nice or easy to use.
    Being retired, I no longer have a support team to hand to explain how this or that bit now works and, let’s face it, I have better things to do with my personal time than learn a new way of making a machine do what it used to do perfectly well before it was “Improved”.
    And don’t get me started on the “improvements” to Microsoft Office (by which I primarily mean Microsoft Word); it’s interface hit its nadir at Office 2000 and has gone downhill from there. I find myself having to use later versions but it’s often easier to copy things to 2000 and work on them in that, copying them back to later versions if necessary.
    Sigh! Progress, eh?

  32. So psyched this worked. Just bought a new card for my fiio music player but since I am a Luddite and still on XP, I was not ‘fat’. Now I am. Thanks for your support.

  33. August 2019 . Thank you sooo much for keeping this page and links alive. As of today Links are working.
    I have an old Gateway FX530s WinXP Pro SP3 x86 machine that I still use as a dual-boot WinXPx86/Win7x64 machine but I find myself booting up XP more often than not. I do use it to connect to the internet and have Avast AV Free antivirus installed with no issues.
    For me WinXP seems to be faster and the user interface more clean and direct than other windows versions. Unfortunately some softwares like web browsers no longer work with WinXP and pushing me to look at linux as an alternative.

    For today I am trying to copy some files off XP and to an external HDD formatted with exFAT.
    I used your direct link to download and install KB955704, everything is working!
    Happy to report that it works like a champ.
    Thanks again for keeping the world going. 🙂

  34. Hey, thanks dude! Working on a retro pc, and couldn’t use my 32GB flash drive properly without the FAT32 file limit, so I appreciate you keeping this up for folks like myself!

    1. Not a problem. Retro computing is a real thing, and sometimes we need these little helpers. Happy to help bud

  35. Hello XP holdouts! I used XP until Firefox stopped supporting XP. However, you can “harden” your XP ‘puter by using either “XPe EWF” (XP-embedded-enhanced write filter) ( EWF files are still available on the net) or “Reboot Restore Rx”. Both will make your XP essentially malware proof, because every boot becomes a “clean boot”. Then throw away your virus scanner, ’cause you won’t need it any more. Or do as I finally did…and use “Linux Mint Cinnamon” and to ‘ell with anything Mickeysoft and their planned obsolescence. If you’re really “techie”, H.O.R.M. (hibernate once, resume many) on a CDROM or DVD would really be “bomb proof”, but, I am not quite that techie. 🙂

    1. Hi Jack

      I don’t use XP on a machine with internet access. So I don’t need to worry about that sort of thing. If you’re purely offline then XP is a solid choice.

  36. Hi Admin, thanks so very much for your help. Recently when I plugged in my exFAT USB stick (with two large files, both around 5GB each) into my XP computer, it says something about the stick not being formatted and asked if I wish to format it. I said yes (I do have those files on another hard drive so could afford to erase them) but then the screen said the stick can not be formatted. I thought perhaps that stick was one of those counterfeit ones (with phony advertised capacity etc.) and scanned it with h2testw, but it was confirmed okay. It was when I did research on Google that I found your help here. I downloaded the KB, installed it and the stick now works! Thanks so very much.

  37. Chris, you are one of the rebel champions of the internet who keep the equipment churning, in a “Road Warrior” sort of way. I am grateful to you, & that there are people like you out here in the world. You’re among the generous, who for no monetary gain, considerately extend themselves to help other people you’ll never meet. I wish there was more of that in the world.
    I have 8 PCs (most were given to me!) & 3+ laptops running XP, & a suite of XP programs. For years people have exclaimed, “XP? That’s obsolete,” & I point out the videos or material they’re asking for copies of was all processed & edited with XP, so how’s that obsolete?
    I have 2 Win7 PCs, & after getting a dose of that, said I’d gone as far as I was going with Microsludge & their infuriating lard-barrel operating systems.
    I use XP for almost everything. I’d just begun filming with a fairly new Lumix camera & discovered the XP exFAT-read problem. I’m fortunate to have found your website – it immediately had the feel of being the real thing. If not for you, I’d have to use those cursed w7 PCs as transfer devices to get hold of my videos & pics. I doubt there’s anything I can help you with, but whatever I have access to I’ll share. I owe you one.

    1. Hey JKey – many thanks for your reply. I had to actually come back to this page myself last week whilst setting up a brand new XP machine (for MAME usage) – Its just quick, reliable and downright decent. All the XP computers I have are not in any way connected to the net, so the lack of security updates does not affect me.

      Why wouldn’t I choose an OS that is suitable? Win7 is one of the better ones if I’m honest, but even that is old news. Windows 8 and 10 can go jump.

      I probably wouldn’t use Windows at all except MAME requires it. So XP is the logical choice.


  38. First off, I wonder: Why accept exFAT at all? Why not just re-format hard-drive as NTFS?

    And, second, this update does indeed work, but I’m having slowdown accessing the drive. Takes a few good seconds for pretty much all programs (in XP not Windows 7 or others) to start reading from HDD or writing to it (for whatever – weird! – reason). Maybe imperfect install, or is this just the way it works (i.e. with delayed access)?

    1. First of all, the _only_ slow down I have experienced is when the OS “indexes” the disk a little wen its first plugged in. But it happens regardless of the file system type in my experience. Its literally a few seconds. It takes longer the bigger the disk as far as I can tell. No biggy.

      Accessing the files is not delayed at all for me.

      Secondly, I keep the exFat format because its compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. I don’t trust NTFS and have had issues with it on Linux previously.

  39. wow thanks for the share! My newly bought 128gb Sandisk flash memory that came preformatted as exFAT didn’t obviously work at first on my winxp (sp3-32bit) machine. It did install the drivers automatically and found the drive in explorer, but with no “size” and format as “RAW”. Bit of googling i ended up here.

    Problem for me tho was that I am using a “foreign” language xp-version. So I couldn’t install the drivers because micro$oft cannot construct a universal installer for all languages; heck..! all files will end up in system32 anyways!

    I noticed more people in this comment section had the exact same issue. Well, I found a damn neat solution! I will share it now in case more will come across this annoying hindrance.

    1. go into Run > regedit > “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Nls\Language”
    2. scroll down to the bottom and see the values for “Default” + “InstallLanguage” – this is your “country code” in windows. 0409 is the US-ENG code. Change both to this number, but before write down your local code (e.g. 0407 if your windows is German-DE).
    3. close regedit and restart computer.
    4. now u should be able to install the drivers cause the language code will be matched.
    5. you will be prompted to restart, but before you do, go into the regedit again and change back the values to your default ones. If you somehow lost it or forgot to write it down, no worries locate it here:
    6. after computer has been restarted you now have a fully compatible exFAT xp machine. 🙂
    7. pro-tip: same procedure with the “regedit hack” can be made for other hotfixes refusing to be installed because of the language code interference (stupid m$ ….).

    Once I reinserted my flash drive it instantly opened and transferring 7gb worth of files worked flawlessly. Big thanks again for keeping the patch alive!

    1. Great work James

      There have been a few people with language installs actually, hopefully they’ll get a ping about this

      Thanks, Chris

  40. I recently installed Windows XP 64BIT so I can run larger hard drives AND utilize my 16GB RAM! The ram part is fine, but none of my large thumb drives are recognized.
    I am thankful for this and do hope it will work for me.
    I do not know if there are SP upgrades for this version of XP, but if there are, can you PLEASE CONTACT ME?
    I also cannot upgrade my Windows Media Player 11, which I desperately need to copy my CD collection to my 128GB thumb drive.


  41. Ohhhhh THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

    I still run Windows XP. I recently purchased DJI FPV with a 128G memory card. The drone and the goggles auto format the cards, but I ran into a show-stopper when I tried to DL videos from the cards to my PC—UNTIL I FOUND YOU!!!

    Thank you so much for keeping this dinosaur relevant!


  42. Thanks for this. I’ve just updated an older, rarely-used 32-bit XP machine with USB 3 hub (in the Express Card slot, remember those? :o) ) and now patched it for exFAT drives.

    NOTE I had one little problem when the first attempt to install failed, until I disabled Avast antivirus. (I’d already scanned the patch with another antivirus.)

  43. Man you are a HERO!!! I got an XP machine for playing abandonware games from the early 2000s and I just spent hours loading a 128gb thumb drive with ISOs.

  44. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just bought a new external backup for my two games machines to discover it was exFAT format and my XP machine (for playing all my Win 95 classics) was incompatible. exFAT support page on MS site has, of course, been deleted and so your download has just saved my bacon. Very much appreciated.

  45. Thank you for making it possible for my XP computer to read my USB drive which is formatted for eXfat

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