Error – Sky Go is not supported on Jailbroken devices

I had this whilst trying to read the latest news on Sky Sports News the other day. Very annoying, as I don’t believe that a jailbroken device should in anyway limit my use of the phone.

Anyway, if you do get this, then install xcon from cydia. Its a small tweak to tell apps that are asking if your phone is jailbroken that its not.

I installed it, and Sky Go works fine now. Sorted.


Since I wrote this, its been broken/patched/ruined. So in order to do this now, you need to have a jailbroken phone, with Cydia and Installous). You add a custom Cydia repository and install an application from there, which is a cracked version (I still believe you have to be a Sky customer – which I am):

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click ‘Manage’
  3. Choose ‘Sources’
  4. Click ‘Edit’
  5. Click ‘Add’
  6. Enter ‘http://n00neimp0rtant.dyndns.org/repo/’ (without the quotes)
  7. Let it refresh and update.
  8. Search for ‘Old SkyGo (Patched)’, and install it
  9. Quit Cydia, and open Installous, and in the Downloads folder you should find Sky Go. Install it.
  10. Done.


Get rid of Apple Test Advertisment from iPhone SpringBoard

I get constantly annoyed by the test apple advert on my phone’s springboard after I’ve quit an app.  But I think I worked out how to stop it:

Install iFile (obviously you need a jailbroken phone to do this as its a Cydia app)

Navigate to


And then touch the blue arrow on the right of the AdSheet.app.

Here you will be able to click into the “Name” field and rename it to something memorable (incase you need to roll back this change) – I renamed to “RenamedAdSheet.app”, then press Done.

So far, I’ve not seen any on my SpringBoard…

HOWTO: Rotate a video in Linux

I videoed something at the weekend on my iphone, but must’ve had the phone upside-down so the video came out that way.

Fortunately there is a little program that will rotate a video for you.

> sudo apt-get install mencoder

Then, to rotate my video clockwise by 90 degrees:

> mencoder -ovc lavc -vf rotate=1 -oac pcm inputfile.ext -o outputfile.ext

I had to do this twice, obviously changing the input filename for the second rotation for the output filename on the first…

Job done. That were easy.

There is more help here: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/HOWTO_Mencoder_Introduction_Guide

Stopping Ubuntu opening F-Spot when I plug in my iPhone

When I installed Ubuntu, every time I plugged in my iPhone it popped up a prompt asking me what to do about the digital music/photos. After clicking “do nothing” for months I decided to let it open F-Spot to import my photos. This is all well and good, but it now pops up f-spot whenever I plug it in, several times a day!

To combat this, open a terminal session and type:


Then, you can click on the Media tab, and choose “Do Nothing” for Photos.

Job done. Thank god!

iPhone iOS 4.2+ no longer automounting in Ubuntu

I had this problem, which meant my iPhone no longer automatically mounted in Ubuntu 10.10. I had recently upgraded the iOS to 4.3.1 and this turned out to be the cause of the issue.

So, to fix it:

  1. Click on the System menu, then Administration and Software Sources. You’ll have to enter you administrator password.
  2. The Software Sources window will open.
  3. Click on the Other Software tab and click on the Add… button.
  4. Enter the following into the APT line box:
  5. ppa:pmcenery/ppa
  6. Press “Add Source”
  7. Then click “Close” And then “Reload” on the next question.
  8. Click back on the System menu. then Administration and finally Synaptic Package Manager.
  9. Once the window has loaded, click into the search box, and search for:
  10. libimobiledevice1
  11. The program may tell you that it will need to uninstall libimobiledevice0 and upgrade some other thing. I said OK to all this and then press Apply.
  12. It will run through, download the new modules and install them.
  13. Restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Using custom sounds for iPhone SMS notification

I quickly go bored of the default iPhone SMS sounds. But its relatively easy to switch them to your own.

I used the following apps to do this.

  • www.zedge.net – for downloading a suitable replacement sound.
  • iFile – for navigating through the iPhone file system. You can also use iPhoneExplorer too if you’re on Windows.

First of all, find the new sound file you require. This has to be of AAC format, which is an MPEG4 standard audio file. This is the default format for iPhones. The extension will generally be .m4a, or .mp4. Bear this in mind if you are creating your own sound file from an existing MP3. You can import an MP3 into iTunes and have it convert it to AAC, or if you use Zedge (and tell it your using an iPhone) it will download in AAC format automatically.

Then, using the file browser of your choice, navigate through the iPhone’s folder structure to


In here are the default sound files for the iPhone. The new SMS sounds are named as follows:


where <x> is a number from 1 to 6. They are not named “Chime” or something easy to play with.

  1. Tri-Tone
  2. Chime
  3. Glass
  4. Horn
  5. Bell
  6. Electronic

So, decide which of the 6 you are going to replace. And rename the file to backup-sms-received<x>.caf.

Copy your new file into this folder, and rename it to the original file that you have just renamed to backup.

In your sound settings now, you’ll need to choose the file from the above list – and remember which one you chose to replace, as the names will be the same as they were before. I know its not the easiest thing to do, but its Apple’s fault I’m afraid. So, on my phone, I have Tri-Tone selected, but it has been replaced with Super Mario.