mysql_connect(): A connection attempt failed

mysql_connect(): A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time

Shouldn’t be using these functions anymore anyway as they are discouraged, however, if you are using localhost as your database host, try using the IP address – instead.

I had this problem on Windows 8 Customer Preview, and this has fixed it. I think there must be some confusion over the machine names, or something.

VPNetMon – close programs when VPN drops

If you are using a VPN to securely download files, whether it be for anomynous reasons or anything else, if the VPN connection gets dropped, your PC may revert to an unsecured connection to continue the operation.

VPNetMon is an application that montors your VPN connection and if it drops, the application can be configured to close certain apps.

So if you are using a BitTorrent client and using an anonymous VPN connection to download content this will make you feel much more secure indeed.

You can get it at