CSV file of Windows Process list

If you need a CSV file of the currently running  processes in Windows you can use the task manager command line tool.


This will dump the task list to the screen. But there are several options you can use:

C:> TASKLIST.EXE /V /FO CSV > filename.csv

The above will produce a nicely formatted CSV file with information about the process, such as CPU Time and memory used.

The full list of other options can be found at the Microsoft Technet library, well, until they move the location of it…¬†http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb491010.aspx


Export Thunderbird contacts to Outlook

I wanted to export my Thunderbird Contacts to Microsoft Outlook 2010 beta.

Jesus, if that wasn’t the most stressful export ever! Thunderbird can only export as CSV or tab separated – or LDAP.

Outlook says it can import from CSV and Tab separated, however it just crashes with mapping errors.

I tried dragging them from TB and then dragging into Contacts on Outlook, but that just resulted in a new empty contact, with an attachment of the email address in a text file. Helpful.

Anyway, I found this Thunderbird Addon that will export to vCard (The standard Address Card I feel) and then I could drag these into Outlook.


However, Outlook feels the need to open each vCard as a new Contact screen, so you then have the joys of closing as many screens as you have contacts just imported. So it could be hundred and hundreds!

I do wonder if the designers of these software packages ever have to use this functionality. Perhaps they should.