Convert HTML table to Excel XLS

I recently needed to update a page that dumped a HTML table into Excel – and found it dumped everything, including hyperlinks, buttons, images, etc. This didn’t sit well with Excel for Mac, and probably not a good idea.

I thought I would re-write it, but in a way that was re-usable (as this code was situated on every datagrid in the application)

So, using the PEAR extension Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer and a simple HTML DOM class, I came up with this. Its by no means finished, but as it stands, it works pretty well for what I need. Feel free to rob it and use the code.

The call is from a form which uses jQuery to copy the table as HTML into an input and then uses that in the output script ($_REQUEST[‘gridcontent’])

When its all complete, I may put it on an open source repo, such as sourceforge.

FYI, there is a section in here that takes cell text with a
in it as a split cell. So if your TD has a BR in it, it will make all the other rows merged so that the data looks nice. This is by design.
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