HOWTO: Rotate a video in Linux

I videoed something at the weekend on my iphone, but must’ve had the phone upside-down so the video came out that way.

Fortunately there is a little program that will rotate a video for you.

> sudo apt-get install mencoder

Then, to rotate my video clockwise by 90 degrees:

> mencoder -ovc lavc -vf rotate=1 -oac pcm inputfile.ext -o outputfile.ext

I had to do this twice, obviously changing the input filename for the second rotation for the output filename on the first…

Job done. That were easy.

There is more help here:

Facebook – Download *all* of your data

You can download all the data you’ve ever uploaded to Facebook if you like.

Once you are logged in, click this link: and press the “Download your information” link.

It will take a while as it packages up all images and videos too.

Facebook will email you when it’s ready and hey hoe, you can download it to see how much of a facebook whore you are!