chris tate-davies [kris teyt dey-veez]
noun: An outgoing, helpful chap always eager to learn new techniques and skills.


A skilled and motivated computer programmer with 15 years experience writing applications, intranet and e-commerce sites using PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic, AJAX, SOAP, VB, ADO, ActiveX, SOAP. Complete life cycle from project planning to support. Technologies are always evolving and there always seems to be a new fad or method of doing things. As a web developer I need to keep up with these to keep ahead of the game.

I started life as a desktop Visual Basic developer and progressed to online solutions like most of the world.

At the moment I am a primarily PHP developer. I use a variety of frameworks, mainly Zend Framework, but also CodeIgniter and recently Doctrine ORM.

I currently work for CETA Software Ltd with a small development team in the Cotswolds, writing software that runs post production companies around the world.

If you want anything written, whether it be a plugin for your site, an email script, or a whole new site. Just drop me an email and get in touch. I am on twitter if you prefer that, or even Facebook