Ubuntu, Thunderbird always maximised

I recently switched from Linux Mint back to the old trusty Ubuntu (11.10)

One major problem was Unity, but I got round this by installing Xfce and use that as a shell instead. Much better.

Now, my Thunderbird is proper maximised. Like full screen, so I can’t switch to any applications unless I use ALT TAB. Found help on the net.

1) Close Thunderbird

2) Locate your localstore.rdf file, mine was in:


3) Edit the file, and find the section that looks a little like this:

<RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul#messengerWindow"
                   sizemode="fullscreen" />

And change it to:

<rdf:Description RDF:about="chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul#messengerWindow"
                   screenY="5" />

Then, once restarted, Thunderbird should be all nice and accessible again. Thanks to Greg for this one!

Export Thunderbird contacts to Outlook

I wanted to export my Thunderbird Contacts to Microsoft Outlook 2010 beta.

Jesus, if that wasn’t the most stressful export ever! Thunderbird can only export as CSV or tab separated – or LDAP.

Outlook says it can import from CSV and Tab separated, however it just crashes with mapping errors.

I tried dragging them from TB and then dragging into Contacts on Outlook, but that just resulted in a new empty contact, with an attachment of the email address in a text file. Helpful.

Anyway, I found this Thunderbird Addon that will export to vCard (The standard Address Card I feel) and then I could drag these into Outlook.

However, Outlook feels the need to open each vCard as a new Contact screen, so you then have the joys of closing as many screens as you have contacts just imported. So it could be hundred and hundreds!

I do wonder if the designers of these software packages ever have to use this functionality. Perhaps they should.