Console commands in Ubuntu for use with subversion

Checkout a branch:

svn checkout url@revision path

To update your local source:

svn up

And to commit a single file:

svn ci -m "message for commit" <files>

Multiple committing is just without the <files>.

To download a revision

svn co -r 1671<remotefolder> <localfolder>
<remotefolder> could be any folder in the svn structure, i.e.

Getting a list of revisions for a page (if you’re trying to find when you changed a page)

svn log -g <files>

Merging a branch into another

svn merge http://svn.branch.url localfolder .

That will merge the specified url into the localfolder. Ensure that your local changes in your working copy have been committed before you do this.

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