I used to use Google Analytics for my visitor tracking and reporting. I find that sometimes I get a bit of slow down when the browser is accessing the google.com site. So I decided to try and find an alternative. I stumbled across Piwik.

It is an application that I can install on my own server, cutting out the reliance on google’s servers. This allows me to change whatever I want, so if I need to report on something else, I can – without waiting for Google to decide if its necessary or not.

Also, in Google’s small print on their T&C – it states that they may start charging at any point in time. I don’t like relying on something that might “change at any time”. – I have Piwik and its running, and will never change (unless I change it. I have control).

In short, its on my server, and its my install, my data. Its mine. Google don’t hold my data and me hostage.

The user side of it, is very simple and intuitive. Its silly easy to set up a new site to log/monitor.

You can get Piwik from here if you feel like having a look. I highly recommend it.

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